J Cole Accused Of Requesting Drawings of “Naked Underage Girls”

J Cole Accused Of Requesting Drawings of "Naked Underage Girls"

J. Cole is being accused of being into underage girls photos.

First, he was accused of stealing a beat and now, his name is being associated with underage girls, and it’s not for selling concert tickets.

Cole’s artist and graphic designer, Kamau, is not being shy today on social media regarding working with Cole, and the requests he had.

Kamau says Cole still owes him money and that he is a bitch.


After that tweet, things couldn’t get any worse, right? Well, Kamau followed his money tweet up with something a little more serious.

Kamau says that J. Cole asked him to draw little underage girls naked.


We’re not really sure why he would request this, but Kamau is actively responding to everyone tweeting and defending what he is saying.

Do you believe Kamau or is he just clout chasing?


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